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Turquoise Rings

Authentic Native American Jewelry Made in the USA.

Experience the timeless beauty and cultural heritage of Navajo craftsmanship with our stunning collection of Turquoise Rings. Meticulously handcrafted by Native American Jewelry Artists from the Navajo Tribe, each ring features natural turquoise stones set in solid 925 sterling silver backs. With a Certificate of Authenticity provided with your purchase, along with Free Shipping and Free Gift Wrap, indulge in the luxury of authenticity and convenience. Explore our curated selection organized by size, ensuring a seamless shopping experience tailored to your preferences.

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Genuine Turquoise set in Sterling Silver Rings.
Authentic Native American Jewelry Made in the USA.

Beautiful rings created by Navajo silversmiths using natural turquoise stones from Mother Earth and .925 sterling silver. Mother Nature is amazing! Each stone is unique with beautiful matrix. We take photos of each ring so that what you see is what you get!

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Rings from the Navajo Tribe of the American Southwest. The Navajo artists cut and polish the turquoise stones and then create the sterling silver ring setting for each stone. The rings have a solid 925 sterling silver back. Each ring is then measured for size and photographed. What you see is what you get! The photo is of the ring you will be receiving!

The turquoise in the rings comes from turquoise mines in the American Southwest. The turquoise mines are in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. You can read about the turquoise mines here: Turquoise Mines

The stones in the sterling silver rings are natural turquoise stones, only the best quality for you! The colors of the turquoise stones in the rings range from Robin Egg Blue to Deep Rich Greens. Each ring is one of a kind. The rings are arranged on each page according to the size of the ring.

Turquoise, known as the Sky Stone by Native American Indian Tribes in the Southwest, is an ancient talisman for health and happiness. People all over the world have long been captivated by Turquoise. Other cultures believe Turquoise, one of the loveliest of gemstones, possesses protective powers. Turquoise appeals to us because every stone is unique. We value the fact that stones come in so many colors and varieties. The American Southwest is a region uniquely blessed with some of the finest Turquoise. The Navajo Indian and Zuni Indian Tribes in the southwest are masters at creating the most beautiful jewelry. The Native American Indian craftsman are also expert silversmiths and use Sterling Silver to enhance their Turquoise Jewelry. Sterling silver is 925 pure Silver and frequently used in Native American Jewelry. Native American Jewelry has a timeless appeal as it has been found in excavations of prehistoric Native American Indian Pueblos. Native American Tribes take pride in continuing the tradition of artistic excellence.

Treasures of the Southwest is proud to support the Native American Artists that are members of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association. The Indian Arts and Crafts Association was established in 1974 in response to the growing problem of misrepresentation of American Indian arts and crafts in the marketplace. The original founders were American Indian artists and reputable businesses located primarily in the Southwest. Today, IACA is an international organization representing every link in American Indian arts. Native artists from the U.S. and Canada, along with consumers, retailers, wholesalers, museums, government agencies, suppliers and supporting members. IACA works to support the effective protection, ethical promotion of authentic Native American art and preservation of material culture has helped instill confidence in the consumer marketplace. Through its markets, educational publications, cultural programs, seminars and networking to enable artist's work to reach a global market, IACA has played an integral role in the strengthening of the Indian arts and crafts industry. Consumers know that if they see the IACA logo, they can buy with confidence. Buyers and collectors have learned to look for the IACA logo as a standard of authentic American Indian art. The IACA logo assures buyers and collectors of purchasing with confidence. The symbol is copy-righted and only members of the Association are allowed to use it. As a member, each artist and business agrees to honestly and ethically represent their merchandise and to abide by all state and federal laws.

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