Candelaria Turquoise Bracelet

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Product Description

Genuine Candelaria Turquoise set in heavy gauge Sterling Silver Bracelet. Stunning Eagle and Feather Designs. Bracelet weighs 88.45 grams. Created by Navajo Artist Freddy Charley. Signed by the artist. Candelaria Turquoise comes from the large Candelaria Silver and Gold mine in Nevada in an area not to far from Tonopah. It is currently closed with no mining activity and as such Candelaria turquoise is rare and considered a collectable. The turquoise in this area was usually found in thin veins and is known for its beautiful almost electric blue stones, sometimes with a light matrix. Over the last few years Candelaria turquoise has been seen again in today's turquoise market from older collections with beautiful dark blue stones with a beautiful matrix pattern and has now been cut and is appearing in fine jewelry. This mine produces some of the most unusual and beautiful patterns, no two stones are ever alike.

Authentic Native American Jewelry
Approximate Dimensions:
Bracelet is size 7 1/4.
Bracelet is 1 1/8" wide.
The turquoise stone is 1/2" x 1/2".

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