Royston Turquoise Necklace and Earrings Set

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Product Description

Stunning Sterling Silver Necklace and Earrings set featuring Genuine Royston Turquoise. Created by Navajo Artist Danny Clark. Signed by the artist. Royston is a turquoise mine located within the Royston District near Tonopah, Nevada. The Royston District consists of several mines including Royston, Royal Blue, Oscar Wehrend and Bunker Hill. The mines in this district were discovered as early as 1902; in fact, Royston is the oldest patented mine in Nevada. While Royston is considered an active mine, it is a very small operation. The miners go to the mine only twice per year. Royston was originally a tunnel mine, but is now an open pit. Royston is a good producer of high quality stones. According to one of the current miners, Royston turquoise is known as "grass roots", which means the best deposits are found within ten feet of the surface.

Authentic Native American Jewelry
Approximate Dimensions:
Sterling Silver Necklace is 23" long.
Center Turquoise setting is 1 1/4" L x 7/8" W.
French Wire Earrings are 1" L x 7/8" W.

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