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Native American Jewelry Navajo Artist Lyle Piaso
Stunning Bracelet featuring 6 Genuine Charoite Stones set Sterling Silver. Created by Navajo Artist Lyle Piaso.

Lyle is a third generation silversmith, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. His tribe is called Diné (Navajo), his clan is Kinyaanii (Towering House People) on his mom’s side, and born of the Ta’Baahi (Water’s Edge Clan) on his Father’s side. He attended Chinle High School in Chinle, Arizona. He went on to attend the Community College in Tsaile, Arizona. After earning his degree in accounting, Lyle moved back to Albuquerque. Upon returning to New Mexico, Lyle began to silversmith along side his father Joe Piaso Jr., who has continued to inspire him over the years.

You can see Lyle's work on our website. Hint: Just put his name in the search box at the top of our website and hit enter. You will be able to view his jewelry. Thank you!

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Native American Jewelry

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