The Maize Collection by Elgin Tom

Elgin is a Navajo Artist from Gallup New Mexico


Elgin Tom

Elgin is a Navajo artist from Gallup, New Mexico. He has been a silversmith for 19 years.

Elgin Tom Sterling Silver Bracelet
The Maize Sterling Silver Bracelet by Elgin Tom

Elgin's talent has been passed on by generations of artists in his family. His grandfather, aunt and uncle were known for drawing and painting, and his father taught him the craft of silversmithing.

Elgin is a widely known designer of traditional, as well as ethic and contemporary jewelry. His stamping is a beautiful art form in itself, which is enhanced by his ability to create his own intricate stamps.

Sterling Silver Bracelet buy Navajo Artist Elgin Tom
Example of Elgin's Handcrafted Stamping

Elgin's original maize jewelry collection was inspired by his interest in the Northern Indian art of painting totem poles. The maize design shows a series of coils that represent the symbols of family or clans.

Elgin is one of the finest contemporary artist in the Southwest.

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